Inspections and testing services


Our services include approval and  supervision of welders,  and inspection of steel srtucture manufacturing. We also approve surface finishers and  preform quality control and inspections for surface finishing. We execute the surface finishing approvals  together with the client and classification institutions, as well as perform a third party inspections.


Industrial constructions

  • Steel construction building operator´s directing, training and approvals.
  • According to EN 1090 (CE sertificate) welding coordinator´s services, approval of welders and prosedures.
  • Assembly supervision of mechanical equipments, systems and schemes of steel structures during construction period. Surface finish planning and supervision. Taking part in test drives and approving of the product together with the client.

New constructions in shipbuilding indusrty

  • Review of source material, summarizing planning materials and inspection of work plans. Comaprison of manufacturing and blueprints and approval of measurement of the shipbuilding project.
  • Approvals of prefabrications, supervision and approvals of assembly and blueprints during section building, supervision and approval of hull assembly.
  • Supervision and approvals of surface finishing in profabrications, part sections and sections as well as hull´s surface finishing inspections and approvals.
  • Approving of substructure markings and surface finishing of the hull during launch.
  • Supervision and erection of mechanical unit´s opperability, quality of finishing and blueprint consistency during outfitting.
  • Supervision and approval of initialization of dock testing for mechanical units.
  • The vessel´s repair and modifications supervision after offshore testing, as well as taking part in approvals prosedure.

Docking works during guarantee period

  • The preplanning of docking works
  • Supervision, participating and approvals of the docking works during the guarantee period

Modifications and  renewals

  • Participating in pre-planning
  • Patricipating in schedule planning
  • Participating in supervision and approval period

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