Our company is looking for proficient and experienced staff to handle
  • projects’ installation works / supervision of deliveries
  • inspections of different metal works
  • surface finishing projects’ specialist and survey work


The job descriptions are based on the needs of our clients. The job destinations are located both in Finland and abroad.

You don´t necessarily need years of experience and higher education. Your attitude counts and your willingness to commit and learn.

You are the person we are looking for if
  • you work professionally and independently under high pressure
  • you are able to work in different language and culture fields
  • you follow schedules and handle our clients’ projects efficiently and economically with your cooperation skills


To handle the work successfully, you have to have
  • good communication and language skills
  • desire to learn and assimilate new things
  • ability to solve problems
  • ability to cope under pressure
  • willingness to travel


RRSS takes care of all the necessary travel documents and defrays costs. We are also ready to commit your training programs in case they support our needs.
We offer demanding work assignments of which after we pay a monthly salary. Payment of every employment is agreed on grounds of the situation and request level.


GDPR is a general EU act for personal information protection. It is applied from 25th of May 2018 and it replaces the former regulatory data protection. The description can be found beneath the reqruiting form.


1 – 4) First fill in your basic information

5) Tell us if you prefer to work full time or part time

6) Are you prepared to work:

  • primarily abroad
  • abroad but primarily in Finland
  • primarily in Finland

7) If you are a welder or work in surface treatment, it is a good base for steel structure or surface treatment inspection carreer. In the “more information” section, please tell us more about your willingness and possibilities to train for these positions.

  • welder
  • surface treatment work
  • steel structure inspector
  • surface treatment inspector
  • planning & design
  • project management
  • projekt planning
  • sheet metal worker, plumber

8) When are you available to start?

9) Your CV

10) Tell us more about yourself

Reqruiting Form

10 + 7 =


According to the GDPR the register has a duty to inform the registered in a clear and understandable way. This information covers the obligation.

1. Register holder

RR Site Service Oy

Köykäntie 97
27100 Eurajoki

Contact information on GDRP matters

RR Site Service Oy / Jenni Juhola
Köykäntie 97
27100 Eurajoki

Data protection person in charge

RR Site Service Oy / Sanna Ojala
Köykäntie 97
27100 Eurajoki

2. Who has been registered

RR Site Service Oy employees and customers.

3. Where do we use the personal data

The basis of the register

  • Personal data is handled based on the customer relations
  • Personal data is used in payroll matters

Handling of the personal data and purpose of the register

Personal data is used only on pre purposed matters which are

  • Customer relations
  • Payroll
4. What do we save in the register

Customer register consists of:

Contact information

  • Company name / contact person / name of the employee
  • address
  • email
  • telephone number

Customer information

  • information about the bought products / services, orders, contracts
5. What are the rights of a registered person/company

The registered has the following rights.

The requests concerning the usage are handled by

The right to inspect

The registered is allowed to inspect all the information saved by us.

The right to correction of the information

Registered can request us to correct any inadequate or incorrect information.

The right to resist

Registered can resist the usage of any of the information saved, if he feels the information processed against the law.

The right to prohibit direct marketing

Registered has the right to prohibit using the information for direct marketing.

The right to remove information

Registered has the right to ask to remove all the saved information, if handling the information is not necessary. We process the request and either remove the information or inform person(s) involved why the data can not be removed.

Please note that the registrar can have a statutory or other right not to remove the requested information. The registrar has a duty to keep the accounting materials for required period of time (10 years) according to the Accounting  Act (chapter 2, 10 §). For this reason the information can not be removed until the required time has terminated.

The right to cancel the consent

If data collected is based only on a consent and not for example on business relations or membership, can registered cancel the consent.

The right to appeal to the Data Protection Supervicer

Registered has the right to demand that we  limit the usage of the disputed information until a settlement has be reached.

The right to appeal

Registered has the right to appeal to the Data Protection Supervicer  if he feels we are violating the valid GDPR when handling the information.

Data Protection Supervicer contact information:

6. Regular sources of information

Information provided should include the nature of the source, for example if it is public or private kept, organisation/industry/sector type and where the information is from: EU or non-EU. The specific information source should be provided, if it is not impossible.

Customer information is regularly obtained from:

  • the customer himself in connection with custom or order
7. Regular handing over of information

The information is not handed over as a rule for marketing purposes outside RR Site Service.

8. Duration of filing
  • Personal information is kept in records duration of custom and filed for 6 years.
  • Payroll data is kept for 10 years.
9. Administrators of personal information

The administrators of the personal information are the employees of RR Site Service Oy Jenni, Juhola, Sanna Ojala and Katri Uusluoto or the owners Pekka Rajala and Juha Rinne. Outside the RR Site Service Oy: accounting firm Rantalainen Oy.

We can also externalize the processing of personal data, thus making sure by contract that the information is handled according to valid GDPR and with utmost care.

10.Transfering information outside EU

Personal information is not transfered outside EU or ETA.

11. Automatic decisions and profiling

We are not using the information on automatic decision making or profiling.


RR Site Service Oy
Köykäntie 97
27100 Eurajoki