Inspections and testing

We provide e.g. surface treatment specialist approval procedures as well as quality control and inspections for surface finishes.

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Inspections and testing

We take care of getting welder approvals and supervising and inspecting the manufacturing of steel structures. We provide surface treatment specialist approval procedures as well as quality control and inspections for surface finishes.

We carry out surface treatment approvals together with the commissioner and classification society. We also do third-party inspections.

Industrial construction

Steel construction operator guidance, training, and approvals

Welding coordinator services, welder approvals, and procedure approvals pursuant to EN 1090 (CE marking).

Installation controls for temporary steel structures and mechanical devices and systems. Planning and supervision of site-specific surface treatment. Participating in test runs and approval processes together with the commissioner.

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New shipbuilding projects

Review of shipbuilding source materials, design material summaries, inspections of job descriptions, and consistency checks for schematics and manufacturing / drawings, measurement approvals.

Approvals for pre-fabrication shipbuilding elements, controls and approvals for block stage installations and compliance with drawings, hull assembly stage controls and approvals.

Supervision of pre-fabrication element, partial block, and grand block surface treatments as well as controls and approvals for hull surface treatments.

Approvals for underwater hull markings and surface finishes relating to ship launches.

Supervision and commissioning of outfitting stage relating to compliance with drawings, the quality of finishing, and the functionality or mechanical units.

Dock test supervision and commissioning approvals for mechanical units.

Post-sea trial repairs and modification work supervision and participating in their approval procedures.

Warranty period docking and maintenance works

  • Participating in the pre-planning of docking procedures
  • Participating in / supervising / validating warranty period docking procedures

Modification and renewal projects

  • Participating in pre-planning
  • Participating in scheduling
  • Participating in the supervision and approval stage

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